Maryland Beer Company

In August 2015, Jessica Alexander and Scott McCardell laid the groundwork for what would become the Maryland Beer Company. They were able to make their ambitions come true with the assistance of some family members.

Jessica and Scott decided to remain in Maryland (their home state) despite the fact that it is only five miles away from Delaware and eight miles away from Pennsylvania. The printing machines for the local newspaper were once housed in the building in which the brewery is now situated.

Some individuals are curious about the location of the most recent proliferation of breweries. The correct response is probably “everywhere.” Only in Baltimore City were four new breweries established. Additionally, the counties of Baltimore, Cecil (which saw the opening of its first ever breweries), and Montgomery each added four. 

Chesepiooc Real Ale Brewery and Crooked Crab, Anne Arundel’s first two locally-grown and aquatically-themed brewers, have opened their doors in the county. This year was a tad slower for Frederick county, which saw the addition of Idiom and House Cat in the city of Frederick proper. The Elkton and Chesapeake City regions were the only ones on the Eastern Shore that saw any significant amount of action during the storm.

Without a little bit of excitement to round out the year, it just wouldn’t be the same. Ocean City Brewing has ceased operations and auctioned off its restaurant and bar properties. The phoenix that was Ironweed Ale Werks rose from the ashes, only to be extinguished a few months later by the freezing water of commercial agreements that went sour.

There has been a recent uptick in the number of brewery shutdowns around the country; one local example of a significant regional producer going out of business is 16 Mile (Delaware). In the next years, it will be extremely interesting to observe how this situation develops in the miniature world that is Maryland.

The skeptics in the craft beer sector are sure to surface whenever there is such rapid expansion. Beer nerds in Maryland have been throwing around phrases like “market saturation” for years, but there is no evidence to suggest that the machine is getting up pace as of yet.

The desire to try the many different kinds of craft beer that are made in our state was the impetus for the founding of MD Craft Beer. Back in 2012, it all began with a bespoke Google map and spreadsheet that served the purpose of keeping track of the locations of the breweries as well as which ones had been visited. As more and more people expressed interest in gaining access to the material throughout the course of time, it became clear that a more effective solution was required.

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