Elkton Brewing Companies

ELKTON BREWING CO. is a family-owned and run nanobrewery that can be found in Elkton, in the Shenandoah Valley. They provide a diverse selection of artisan beers in an inviting and friendly setting.

In the 1980s, our family operated another business out of the building and utilized it as a warehouse to store materials for that enterprise. Elkton Brewing Company now calls this location home after undergoing a number of transformations over the course of its history to become what it is today. Brick walls, second-floor beams, and the rare and stunning hand-hewn American Chestnut columns are just some of the original architectural features that we purposefully kept and exposed.

We offer outdoor seating, as well as comfy lounge areas, two bars, high and low tables, and a variety of table heights. The combination of all of these areas is designed to make our guests feel completely at home no matter where they decide to make themselves comfortable. While you relax in our taproom, August and Aaron, our brewers, will be hard at work in the brew cellar under your feet, creating the beers you love. Behind the bar, where those beers are being served, you may very well run into Tristan, who designed the brewery’s logo and works in the marketing department of the brewery.

Due to the fact that we are a small batch brewery, our taps are refreshed frequently, sometimes even weekly. We have a wide variety of options available because we feel that there should always be something that can be enjoyed by each and every customer. We have varieties that range from light to dark, smooth to bitter, fruited to traditional, and even some hybrids that are really inventive. People who live in the area may have noticed that each of our beers has a name and a backstory that is connected to a local landmark or folklore.

The names of the beers are intended to serve as discussion starters for visitors who are not familiar with the area. In addition, all of our beers are brewed using pure spring water that comes from Bear Lithia Springs, which is located just outside of town. The water is transported directly from the spring into our boil kettles, where the brewing process begins.

We believe that the influence that the water from Bear Lithia Springs has on our brewing is considerable because of its long and illustrious history of being used for its therapeutic worth and outstanding purity. We only utilize ingredients of the greatest possible quality at every stage of the brewing process, and we donate the discarded grains that we produce to nearby farmers at the end of the process.

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