What Is the Average Senior Age To Move Into an Assisted Living Facility?

If you or a loved one has reached their golden years, you might wonder when it’s time to consider assisted living. “What is the average age to move to assisted living?” is the first question many families ask to determine if their loved one will mesh with the demographics inside an assisted living facility. 

However, age is not the most accurate indicator of a potential resident’s fit—more predictive questions center on your level of independence and care needs. One significant advantage of assisted living, beyond care from in-house staff, includes social activities.

Assisted Living Average Senior Age

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Average Senior Age to Make the Transition to Assisted Living

When it comes to the average age in assisted living facilities, there is plenty of information to consider. The average resident moves in between the age of 75 and 84. However, according to the American Health Care Association (AHCA), 55% of residents in assisted living facilities nationwide are 85 years of age or older. 

In Maryland, those numbers dip slightly to 49% of assisted living residents statewide who are over 85 years of age. The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) released the following demographics in 2019:

  • 7% of assisted living residents are under the age of 65
  • 11% of assisted living residents are between ages 65 and 74
  • 30% of assisted living residents fall between ages 75 and 84

The median stay is 22 months at assisted living facilities, after which approximately 60% of the residents transition into a long-term care nursing facility. 

Remember, when reading these statistics, each situation is different, and there is no “right age” to move into a facility.

What Factors Other Than Age Should Guide the Decision to Move Into Assisted Living?

You should consider several factors besides age when thinking about moving into an assisted living facility. Many families weigh the following factors: 

  • The number of daily activities that require assistance (bathing, dressing, and walking)
  • Daily living conditions
  • Available daily care at the facility
  • Available daily activities of interest at the facility
  • Mental health and happiness
  • Distance from loved ones

If you feel assisted living is the right solution, visit the communities near you. Arrange for your loved one to socialize with the residents to see if it is a good fit. A 70-year-old living with dementia will have different needs than a 90-year-old who loves socializing and working on the daily crossword puzzle.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

The costs of assisted living facilities will vary based on location, levels of care offered, and resident amenities. For example, the median monthly price of a private one-bedroom unit in an assisted care facility reached $4,500 in 2021. The median cost for a private one-bedroom unit in Maryland was $4,900 in 2021. 

Paying for Assisted Living

Many families considering assisted living are shocked to discover that most insurance does not cover assisted living costs. The truth is that most families self-pay these costs. 

Look to your specific policy for details, but Medicare and Medicaid generally will not pay for assisted living or custodial care but do cover the costs of medical treatments. Private insurance may pay for medical costs but not for living expenses. If you have long-term care insurance, it should pay for a portion of the costs of assisted living. 

How Can I Find Assisted Living Near Me?

Whether you are looking for “assisted living near me?” or wondering, “how can I find a nursing home near me?”, several valuable resources are available.

If you are looking for assisted living services in Elkton, MD., you can schedule a tour of our Well Homed Assisted Living facility. 

The AHCA and the NCAL provide excellent informational resources and data on costs, levels of care, and demographics in assisted living communities. 

Find the Right Assisted Living in Elkton, MD

At Well Homed Assisted Living in Elkton, MD, our experienced and friendly caretakers dedicate themselves to providing quality care, home-cooked meals, and activities in a safe and welcoming environment. We understand that every resident needs to feel that they belong and are home. 

Some first-time residents worry about male to female-resident ratio and how that affects their fit in the assisted living facility. The best way to find out about your fit is to schedule a tour. So call us today at (410)-343-7592. You will be glad you did!